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Imported Classical Guitars 〔Used〕

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  Instrument Number/Model Country Year Condition※ Scale length Price (tax included)
[1] Enrico Bottelli
Concert model No.261 Italy 2017Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[2] Dieter Muller
New Arrival
Doubletop RF Germany 2012Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[3] F.Manuel Diaz
New Arrival
Spain 1989Year 7 655mm INQUIRE
[4] Luca Waldner
New Arrival
Torres Model No.86 Italy 2004Year 7 647mm INQUIRE
[5] Angel Benito Aguado
New Arrival
Torres Model Spain 2013Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[6] Jose Marin Plazuero
New Arrival
Bouchet model No.822 Spain 2015Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[7] Jose Gonzalez Lopez
No.121 Spain 2013Year 7 640mm INQUIRE
[8] Antonio Marin Montero
Modelo B No.1504 Spain 2019Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[9] Pablo Sanchez Otero
OUIDA No23 Spain 2018Year 7 652mm INQUIRE
[10] Dominique P. Field 
New Arrival
No.85 France 1992Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[11] Helmut Buchsteiner
No.64 Germany 1980Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[12] Jesus Bellido
Torres 6 Spain 7 644mm INQUIRE
[13] Rafael Mardones
#0115 Chile 2009Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[14] Juan Hernandez
Torres No.4 Spain 2011Year 7 640mm INQUIRE
[15] Paulino Bernabe
Concierto Spain 2020Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[16] Gregory Stuart Byers
’’Diamond Truss’’ USA 1998Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[17] Ruben Moises Lopez
Spain 2002year 7 648mm INQUIRE
[18] Joaquin Garcia
No.863 Spain 1977year 5 660mm INQUIRE
[19] Robin Green
Canada 1980year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[20] Manuel Adalid
9C/B Spain  2011year 8 650mm INQUIRE
[21] Carlos Juan Busquiel
Torres model No.135 Spain  2021year 9 650mm INQUIRE
[22] Eric Sahlin
No.196 USA 1998year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[23] Luca Waldner
Torres Model Italy 1999year 8 650mm INQUIRE
[24] Manuel Caceres
Para Casa Arcangel Spain 1983year 8 650mm INQUIRE
7Very good
5Normal condition due to aging