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Japanese Classical Guitars 〔Vintage〕

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  Instrument Number/Model Country Year Condition※ Scale length Price (tax included)
[1] Yoshimitsu Hoshino
New Arrival
Japan 1983Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[2] Hiroshi Komori
New Arrival
No.80 #9601007 Japan 1998Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[3] Yoshimitsu Hoshino
New Arrival
Japan 1999Year 7 633mm INQUIRE
[4] Shunsuke Yokoo
Prelude AHV Japan 2018Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[5] Masaji Nobe
No.15 Japan 1976Year 7 640mm INQUIRE
[6] Toshihiko Nakade
Master 60 Japan 2019 7 650mm INQUIRE
[7] Toshihiko Nakade
Master 120 Japan 2003Year 7 645mm INQUIRE
7Very good
5Normal condition due to aging