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Imported Flamenco Guitars 〔Used〕

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  Instrument Number/Model Country Year Condition※ Scale length Price (tax included)
[1] Antonio Marin Montero
Flamenco Blanca Spain 2002Year 7 652mm Please Inquire
[2] Conde Hermanos(Felipe)
Felipe A-27 Spain 2005Year 7 665mm INQUIRE
[3] Conde Hermanos
Felipe A-26 Spain 2001Year 7 665mm INQUIRE
[4] Conde Hermanos (Felipe) 
Spain 1995Year 7 665mm INQUIRE
[5] Conde Hermanos
AF25R Spain 2002Year 7 664mm INQUIRE
[6] Antonio Pisa
Juan el Flaco No.114 Spain 2021Year 7 658mm INQUIRE
[7] Antonio Marin Montero
Flamenco Blanca Spain 1971Year 7 657mm INQUIRE
[8] Jose Luis Postigo
Flamenco Blanca(Wood peg) Spain 1999Year 7 660mm INQUIRE
[9] Pedro de Miguel
Spain 2001Year 7 660mm INQUIRE
[10] Manuel Bellido
Especial Spain 1992Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[11] Teodoro Perez
Flamenco No.1233 Spain 2019Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[12] Leona Amalio
New Arrival
F-65-2 Spain 2012Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[13] Conde Hermanos
AF25R Spain 1998Year 7 664mm INQUIRE
[14] Jose Romero
Spain 1994Year 6 660mm INQUIRE
[15] Manuel G.Contreras
Estudio Model Woodpeg Spain 7 653mm INQUIRE
[16] Francisco Barba
Spain 1986Year 6 667mm INQUIRE
[17] Pansaeng Chantarangkul
Thailand 2016year 9 650mm INQUIRE
[18] Conde Hermanos
Felipe A-26 Spain  2002year 8 665mm INQUIRE
[19] Paco Castillo
215F No.0301 Spain  7 650mm INQUIRE
7Very good
5Normal condition due to aging