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Japanese Classical Guitars 〔Used〕

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  Instrument Number/Model Country Year Condition※ Scale length Price (tax included)
[1] Daisuke Kuriyama
New Arrival
Hauser model No.48 Hauser Model 2018Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[2] Hideyuki Ezaki
New Arrival
No.80 #366 Japan 2023Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[3] Sakurai Kohno
New Arrival
Maestro FA0304 Japan 1999Year 7 660mm INQUIRE
[4] Shunpei Nishino
Class 50 Hauser model JAPAN 2000Year 7 640mm INQUIRE
[5] Satoru Sakuma
Bouchet Model No.70 Japan 2017Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[6] Alberto Nejime Ohno
New Arrival
JAPAN 2017Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[7] Yukinobu Chai
Alto guitar  No.15 Japan 1980Year 7 528mm INQUIRE
[8] Kaoru Ono
Original model No.25 Japan 1989Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
Japan 7 530mm INQUIRE
[10] Yukihide Chai
No.80 Japan 1998Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[11] Sakae Ishii
Fabricatore model Japan 2004Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[12] Ikkoh Kawada
Presti-75 No.70 Japan 2020Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[13] Shunpei Nishino
Type 50  No.640 Japan 1992Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[14] Tetsuo Kurosawa
Dinastia No.20 Japan 2012Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[15] Daisuke Kuriyama
Class 80  Marcelo Barbero Model No.50 Japan 2018Year 8 650mm INQUIRE
[16] Hiroyasu Asakura
Simon Marty model Japan 2013Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[17] YAMAHA GC-7
Japan 1981Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[18] Makoto Teramachi
MT-1 Tonality No.342 Japan 2005Year 7 650mm INQUIRE
[19] Yoshimasa Kuroda
Japan 2007Year 8 650mm INQUIRE
[20] Kuniyoshi Matsui
KM-Z Japan 2015year 7 630mm INQUIRE
[21] Kaoru Ono
Class100 Hauser I Model No.122 Japan 2001year 8 645mm INQUIRE
7Very good
5Normal condition due to aging