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Daisuke Kuriyama

Tuning Machine:Ping Well
String height:1string 2.5mm/6string 3.5mm

Born in 1981, Daisuke Kuriyama began making guitars on his own while studying at Tokyo Zokei University, and joined a major music store in 2003, where he worked in the repair department for over 10 years. He joined a major music store in 2003 and worked in the repair department for over 10 years, where he had the opportunity to study many famous instruments from Japan and other countries, and this is where his sensitivity to tone developed. During his time with the company, he was introduced to the maker Kaoru Ono, and in 2010 he began receiving direct instruction at Mr. Ono's workshop. Since becoming independent, he has been producing extremely precise and high quality guitars at a rate of about 6 to 8 per year. His works are based on the traditional Spanish construction methods of Torres, Domingo Esteso, Marcelo Barbero I, and others, and they all reproduce the taste and sound of good old Spanish guitars. In 2020, his interview and instruments were featured in Orfeo Magazine No.15 published by Camino Verde, a French publisher.
Orfeo Magazine No.15 features an interview with Kaoru Ono(Masahiro Tanabe, Alberto Nejime Ohno, Marin Nejime, Yuichi Shimizu, Daisuke Kuriyama).

Daisuke Kuriyama made No.70 Robert Bouchet model 2023 No.99 new arrived at our store. This is the first arrival of Kuriyama's Bouchet model at Guitar Shop Aura. Based on the 1960 Bouchet model owned by the late Minoru Inagaki, this fresh Bouchet model is a perfect balance of exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled sensitivity.
As represented by Julien Breim's phrase 'organ-like,' one of the characteristics of bouchet is its unique deep sound, but in many cases the word 'organ-like' is over-quoted. What Kuriyama is presenting here is Bouchet's realization of a sound that eliminates all waste, and is a pure tone that is truly the essence of Bouchet extracted as it is.
The sound is well-defined the moment it is played, and the linearity that follows the touch of the right hand is wonderful. Each note is lucid, and its unique depth is truly Bouchet-like. It should be noted that even when the sounds overlap, they do not become muddy, but instead form an expanse of sound.
The rosette of black with dark green, the graceful body line and head shape, and the beautiful shellac finish with its delicate texture give the instrument a graceful appearance.

InstrumentDaisuke Kuriyama
CategoryJapanese Classical Guitars 〔New〕
Number/ModelClass 70 Bouchet No.99
Scale length650mm
Side&BackIndian Rosewood
List price¥770,000
Price (tax included)¥731,500
optionwithout case

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