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Masahiro Tanabe

Tuning Machine:FUSTERO
String height:1string 3.0mm/6string 4.0mm

Born in Gunma, Japan, in 1974, he began making classical guitars at the age of 20. He learned at Sakae Ishii's workshop, where he built about 140 guitars. In 2001, he attended a workshop with José Luis Romanillos in Sigüenza, Spain, which provided him with a decisive experience and convinced him that the traditional Spanish method was the direction he should take.
After returning to Japan, he set up a workshop in Tochigi Prefecture, and in October 2002, he launched the Romanillos model. His guitars are the fruit of his exploratory spirit and outstanding in their design and sonic perfection. He currently produces five to six guitars per year.
In 2018, a popular NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) program aired a video of him building in his workshop, and in 2020, his interview and instruments were featured in Orfeo Magazine No. 15, published by French publisher Camino Verde.

This is Masahiro Tanabe's first 'Arcangel Fernandez' model No. 274, new in 2022.
Although he never learned to make guitars directly from Arcangel Fernandez, he received the most profound suggestions about guitar making from this maestro.
Although models bearing the name of the esteemed maestro have been mentioned in the lineup for some time, Tanabe, who approaches production with the same rigor as the maestro, must have gone through a process of deep contemplation on his way to this point. This work is a magnificent example of Tanabe's current attainment.
Tanabe drew up a blueprint of the original work by Arcangel Fernandez 1985 and produced it in full compliance. The sound board is made of the finest spruce, which Tanabe received from Arcangel himself, and the back and sides are also made of high quality Central and South American rosewood with a beautiful shellac finish. String tension is medium to slightly high. The rosette design is a little stylish and adds a subtle accent to the appearance.
This piece has a wonderful clear and beautiful sound with moderate resilience.

This guitar was exhibited at the East End Guitar Festival in 2022, and Jorge Caballero played it on stage. It was well received for its expressiveness and high performance as a concert guitar. Tanabe made a complete re-tuning of the guitar for the sale of this guitar.

InstrumentMasahiro Tanabe
CategoryJapanese Classical Guitars 〔New〕
Number/ModelArcangel Fernandez model No.274
Scale length650mm
Side&BackSouth American Rosewood
List price¥1,210,000
Price (tax included)Please Inquire

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