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Marin Nejime

Tuning Machine:FUSTERO
String height:1string 2.9mm/6string 3.9mm

Nejime Marin was born in 1986 and is the son of Kojiro Nejime (Alberto Nejime Ono). Influenced by his father, he developed an interest in music and crafts from an early age, and after several visits to Spain, in September 2012, he stayed in Granada for an extended period of time to study under his father's mentor, Antonio Marin Montero. He builds his instruments based on traditional Spanish construction methods, which he incorporates with fresh and unique acoustic characteristics. In particular, the precision and beautiful finish of the paintwork is as excellent as that of his father and mentor, and every model shows a beautiful appearance. He has received high acclaim abroad and in 2017 won a prize in the production competition of the International Guitar Festival in Granada; in 2020 his interview and instruments were featured in Orfeo Magazine No. 15, published by the French publication Camino Verde.

Orfeo Magazine No.15 features an interview with Kaoru Ono(Masahiro Tanabe, Alberto Nejime Ohno, Marin Nejime, Yuichi Shimizu, Daisuke Kuriyama)

The Antonio Marin Guitar Making Competition is famous for the highly skilled young makers who enter their work in the Granada Guitar Festival held every year in Granada. This model won a prize in the first edition of the competition in 2017. The instrument entered in the competition, named after Antonio Marin Montero, who, along with his father Kojiro, was one of the greatest mentors in guitar making, was highly praised by Pepe Romero, one of the judges, and was a big hit at the time of the competition. The instrument's clear Granada-like sound, reminiscent of the instruments of Antonio Marin, and its clear, open acoustics give it a Bouchet-like nuance, but the sound is filled to the brim with the freshness that is typical of Nejime Marin, and the result is a piece that is both powerful and elegant. The crisp bass is reminiscent of the Granada School, and has a raw power.

InstrumentMarin Nejime
CategoryJapanese Classical Guitars 〔New〕
Scale length650mm
Side&BackSouth American Rosewood
List price¥990,000
Price (tax included)¥891,000
optionwithout case

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