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Alberto Nejime Ohno

Tuning Machine:FUSTERO
String height:1string 2.8mm/6string 4.0mm

Born in 1952, he went to Spain in 1979 to study guitar making under the master craftsman Antonio Marin in Granada, and during that two-year period he worked with Marin almost like a member of the family. After returning to Japan, he presented his work as a gem deeply imbued with Spanish taste, and it came to be regarded as the first authentic Spanish guitar in Japan.
In 1988, he won the Grand Prix at the International Guitar Making Competition in Kutnájora, Czechoslovakia, and his abilities have been highly acclaimed internationally.
His style, with its unrivaled beauty and elegance of appearance, profound, dense, and lustrous tone, and sufficient transparency, has gained more and more maturity in recent years, and his reputation as a coveted instrument for enthusiasts is now firmly established.
He was a member of the jury for the 1st Amateur Guitar Making Contest, participated in the 7th Collier Guitar Seminar in Spain, and was a member of the jury for the Guitar Builder in Yasato. His articles on guitar making published in the magazine 'Gendai Guitar' received a great response and were published in book form. In 2020, his interview and works were featured in Orfeo Magazine No. 15, published by Camino Verde, a French publisher.

Alberto Nejime Ono (Kojiro Nejime), No. 90, AURA's new original model, has just arrived. While based on a very traditional style, the sound, tone, design, construction, and appearance are all stamped with Nejime's creativity and individuality, making it a beautiful piece of art.
The weight is 2.1 kg, which is quite heavy for a traditional-style guitar, probably due to the strong bar design. In recent years, Nejime has been known for his powerful, distinctive sound image and dense single notes, and this piece, made of cocobolo wood, has a graceful romanticism. In addition, the rigidity of the sound is pure with depth, and the expression changes abundantly in the dynamic amplitude from weak to strong notes. The tone has an elegant sheen and is wonderfully massive. This recalls Daniel Friederich's image of the piano sound (not the harpsichord sound) as the ideal sound for the guitar, and Nejime's aesthetics have come to fruition beautifully.
The exterior of the sound board is a slightly candy-colored spruce contrasted with a deep red, and the overall finish is beautifully glossed with shellac, giving it a sense of solidity. String tension is medium. Please try this valuable new piece from one of the best brands in Japan.

InstrumentAlberto Nejime Ohno
CategoryJapanese Classical Guitars 〔New〕
Number/ModelAura Original Model
Scale length650mm
List price¥990,000
Price (tax included)¥940,500
optionWithout case

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