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Kaoru Ono

kaoru Ono(1954~)is one of the finest luthiers in Japan who for over 30 years now is consistently producing guitars. At first he studied wood technology at the university,and became interested in making guitars.Around 1980,he was apprenticed to Alberto Nejime Ohno. In 2001 he participated in a course of guitarmaking lecture by Jose Luis Romanillos at Siguenza,Spain. And also he met Arcangel Fernandez in Japan and was advised a great deal. So deeply impressed by traditional Spanish guitar style,he explored his own image of sound.
This is the Robert Bouchet model(Class80),which shows that his extraordinary sense of sound and wonderful craftmanship.The woodcraft and polishing is to a very high standard and the sound is refined with excellent balance, consistency through the range and a depth of bass.
This is really the beautiful one. Minoru Inagaki,the guitarist who was close with Bouchet and owned one of his last guitars, strongly recommended.

This guitar is available for export. If you are interested in this guitar, please inform us.

InstrumentKaoru Ono
CategoryJapanese Classical Guitars 〔New〕
Number/ModelClass100 Torres Model No.305
Scale length640mm
List pricePlease Inquire
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