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Yuichi Nagasaki

Tuning Machine:GOTOH
String height:1string 3.2mm/6string 4.1mm

Born in 1962. After graduating from the production department of the Japan Guitar Music School in 1985, he won a special gold medal in the production department of the All Japan Guitar Competition in 2000.
In 2001, he won the highest award in the production category of the All Japan Guitar Competition, steadily solidified his position as a Luthier, and is energetically producing at a studio in Shizuoka prefecture.

His main lineup is a traditional style model with shellac varnish, which is popular for its simple and gentle appearance due to its good cost performance.

[Instrument information]
This is the latest 2021 work produced by Yuichi Nagasaki.
This guitar with a simple tone that conforms to the model of Spanish master craftsman Santos Hernandez (1874-1943).
Full shellac painting.
Resonance is set to G #. The neck shape is a C-shaped round type.

This guitar is available for export. If you are interested in this guitar, please inform us.

InstrumentYuichi Nagasaki
CategoryJapanese Classical Guitars 〔New〕
Number/ModelClass35 No.35185
Scale length650mm
Side&BackIndian rosewood
List price¥385,000
Price (tax included)Please Inquire
optionwith Lightweight Semi Hard Case

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