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Finish:Top:Shellac / Back & Sides:Lacquer
Tuning Machine:GOTOH
String height:1string 2.9mm/6string 3.8mm

Yamaha (founded in 1887 in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka), the world's largest manufacturer of musical instruments and boasting an overwhelming market share in the musical instrument manufacturing and music business alone, was also an early proponent of the classical guitar. In 1966, Yamaha established the Guitar Research Department and began research and development of handcrafted guitars in order to stimulate the classical guitar market in Japan. The following year, Yamaha invited Eduardo Ferrer, who at the time was a mentor in Granada, Spain, to provide guidance on traditional Spanish construction methods, and in 1973, invited Manuel Hernandez (Hernandez y Aguado) to provide technical guidance. The result of these intensive training programs was the Grand Concert (GC) series, which continues to this day as a high-spec series of Yamaha classical models.

Hideyuki Ezaki, GC30B No.193 of the YAMAHA Grand Concert Series, manufactured in 1980, is now in stock. Starting in 1967, the GC series laid the foundation for YAMAHA's classical line with the epoch-making GC30 (with separate craftsmen for A, B, and C) by Hideyuki Ezaki and Toshiro Kato under the guidance of Manuel Hernandez. The brand's ability to respond to the unprecedented boom of the time and the growing demand for guitars made in Spain (with the marketing slogan 'authentic guitars') was incredible, and a full lineup of guitars was produced.
This model is the pioneer of this trend, and is a legendary model for Yamaha fans. The sound is homogeneous and powerful from the bass to the treble, and can even be called magnificent. Although it does not have the depth of sound of Spanish guitars, it has a well-balanced and well-rounded sound, which gives it stability in playing. There is no history of cracks or other major repairs. The tuning machine has been replaced with a Gotoh 510 model.

CategoryJapanese Classical Guitars 〔Used〕
Number/ModelGC-30B No.193
Scale length660mm
Side&BackSouth American Rosewood
List priceINQUIRE
Price (tax included)Please Inquire
optionwith Original Hard Case

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