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Yuichi Imai

Tuning Machine:GOTOH
String height:1string 2.7mm/6string 4.0mm

Yuichi Imai was born in Tokyo in 1949, and at the age of 18 he entered Teruaki Nakade's workshop. After 3 years of training, he became independent in 1971 and established his own workshop in Nakano, Tokyo. His guitars are not so-called 'modern' type guitars, but rather traditional Spanish style with his own unique twist.
Although the guitar is basically orthodox in construction, its rich volume, wide dynamic range, and quick response are as functional as those of modern guitars. It is the most trusted brand in Japan for its high rate of use in competitions and by concert guitarists. He has been shipping guitars overseas since the beginning of his career, and is one of the most highly recognized guitar makers in Japan.

Yuichi Imai YJ-EX 2007 (#36744) is now in stock. Designed and supervised by Imai and manufactured at the Asturias Guitar factory, this is an entry-level model for the brand. Based on his concept, this model is manufactured with the pride of a factory with a long history, and has all the characteristics of the Yuichi Imai brand. The unique appearance of the model is eye-catching, with its heavy proportions that are typical of the brand, wood carving on the head, herringbone on the rosette and purfling, and the white butterfly shell design on the bridge plate.
The sound, which is robust and powerful without excessive sweetness, is also impactful, and the model has sufficient quality for beginner to middle class players. There is no history of repairs such as cracks, etc., but the sound board has some dents and scratches that have been partially repaired, and there are also some minor play scars. It has a 20th fret.

InstrumentYuichi Imai
CategoryJapanese Classical Guitars 〔Used〕
Number/ModelYJ-EX No.36774
Scale length650mm
Side&BackIndian Rosewood
List priceINQUIRE
Price (tax included)Please Inquire
optionwith Lightweight Semi Hardcase

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