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Masaki Sakurai

Tuning Machine:GOTOH
String height:1string 2.8mm/6string 3.4mm

Born in Tokyo in 1944. He graduated from Sophia University, Faculty of Science and Engineering in 1967, and at the same time joined Kohno Guitar Manufacturing, where he learned guitar making.
In 1988, he won the first prize at the 4th International Guitar Making Competition in Paris.
The model he won at that time has become one of the most popular models in his current lineup as the PC (Paris Competition) model.
After Masaru Kohno passed away in 1998, he took over the workshop and continued to make guitars under the 'Sakurai Kohno' label, while at the same time continuing to make guitars under his own brand, Masaki Sakurai. The brand is characterized by its high crafting precision, use of high-quality materials, and beautiful appearance.
The guitars are especially suited to the physique and tastes of the Japanese, and their outstanding ease of playability and stability have gained great popularity overseas as well, earning them the same international reputation as Kohno guitars.

Masaki Sakurai's Paris Competition model 2019 No. 10519 A is now in stock. This model P.C. (Paris Competition) is positioned at the middle end of his lineup and is one that seems to capture the best of his brand concept. This piece has a bright and lustrous sound, homogeneity of each note, fast response and sufficient sustain, and a powerful acoustic design that rarely stresses the player. Unlike the perspective and dense romanticism of Spanish guitars, Sakurai's own purely engineering approach pursues a balanced and full sound, which results in an all-around expressiveness that can be used for various types of music. While relying on the structural principles of his mentor, Masaru Kohno, the guitar has been designed to enhance its acoustic characteristics, making it more modern and functional to meet the high demands of the concert guitarist.
The entire guitar is finished with a glossy cushion finish, and the back and sides are made of quarter-sawn Madagascar rosewood, which gives the guitar a wonderful, luxurious appearance. The body is in very clean condition. There are no cracks or other major repairs.

InstrumentMasaki Sakurai
CategoryJapanese Classical Guitars 〔Used〕
Number/ModelP.C.(Paris Competiton model) No.10519A
Scale length650mm
Side&BackMadagascar Rosewood
List priceINQUIRE
Price (tax included)Please Inquire
optionwith Hardcase

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