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Alberto Nejime Ohno

This guitar is his Aura original model.
In 1979, he went to Spain and studied under Antonio Marin. In 1988, he won the first prize at international guitar making competition in Kutna Hora.
Like Antonio Marin, this guitar has bright and loudness is fine. He used top quality wood for this magnificent guitar.

Alberto was born Kojiro Nejime in Tokyo in 1952. He read literature at Kokugakuin University and graduated in 1974. He went to Spain in 1979 and started studying guitar-making under Antonio Marin Montero. He won the first prize at the international competition for guitar manufacturing at Kutná Hora, Czechoslovakia, in 1988. He wrote a column entitled ‘You are a guitar builder, too’, which was serialized in a magazine called Gendai Guitar. Alberto appeared as a judge for the 1st amateur guitar-making competition for guitarmakers in Yagoh, Japan. He also took part in the 7th Coria guitar workshop in Spain and published a book entitled ‘Classic Guitar-making in the Spanish fashion’ for the aforementioned publisher. His activities include writing and training the next generation. He is a member of Japan String Instrument Makers Association.

This guitar is available for export. If you are interested in this guitar, please inform us.

InstrumentAlberto Nejime Ohno
CategoryJapanese Classical Guitars 〔New〕
Number/ModelClass 90 Aura original model
Scale length650mm
Side&BackSouth American rosewood
List price¥990,000
Price (tax included)Please Inquire

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